Take control

Have complete oversight of your entire organization and a clear picture of your financial outlook. With Erdos Tracks, we'll help you manage and organize your business with intelligent business processes.

Take control

Have complete oversight of your entire organization and a clear picture of your financial outlook. With Erdos Tracks, we'll help you manage and organize your business with intelligent business processes.

Better Connect With Both Potential and Existing Clients

Foster relationships for better retention, increase closing rate, and track sales performance for greater revenue.

Maximize Efficiency

Improve job costing and have real time tracking of project and work order costs.

Eliminate Wasted Time and Money

Create efficient routes and ensure each truck remains on schedule by reducing drive times, thereby cutting costs.

Deliver a Cutting-Edge Service

Collect signatures, have up to date information in the field, and track routes from job to job. Have your customers experience modernity.

Never Lose on a Project Again

Project your bottomline right from the minute you are building your quote and proposal.

Connect With Potential and Existing Clients

Oversee Projects with Unparalleled Clarity - Project Management - See Real Time Activity with the ability to manage Notes, Tasks, Work Orders, Contacts, Sites and Bill To Accounts all in one place.

Get Paid Faster

Track all resources, fleet, labor, inventory, supplies, and disposables and their associated costs.

Machine Learning Analytics to Optimize Your Business

Project estimated Expenses, Revenue, and Profit automatically with Erdos Tracks as your data is leveraged to give up-to-date analysis from the smallest work-order to your encompassing business.

Imagined to Drive Business Growth and Developed For Your Customers, Team, and Business.

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For your customers

Keep customers happy - Easily manage accounts and customer information, track your performance and improve satisfaction, automate customer communications, and improve on-site service delivery.

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For your team

Give your team the best opportunity to succeed. Easily navigate client relationships and see where projects and accounts intersect. Track and analyze your on-site and sales workforce performance.

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For your business

Make smarter and more informed business decisions to drive revenue - Assess performance, create profit driven quotes and proposals, create detailed custom reports to track impactful KPIs, and control your cashflow with faster payments and invoicing.


Erdos Tracks Mobile App

Eliminate clipboards and lost worksheets. Equip your crew with everything they need in the field, including customer information, work order details, account notes, and real-time GPS directions to get them to their next appointment.

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Erdos Tracks
The All in One Business Solution

Field Service businesses today demand financial management solutions that are flexible enough to accommodate dynamically changing business needs. Erdos Tracks helps Field Service contractors maximize service delivery in one easy to manage solution. Streamline operations to improve productivity with smart scheduling, dispatching, routing and job costing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have

Erdos Environmental is a cloud-based software for service businesses looking to increase profitability by creating a more productive workforce and delivering a more engaging customer experience. In the field, crews can view their schedule and add services while keeping in touch with the back office who can easily stay organized. Meanwhile, management has complete visibility and can control all organization operations.

There is a mobile app available for Erdos Environmental. The app enables allows you to:

  • Give your field staff customer information and service history at their fingertips
  • View work order progress from anywhere and capture e-signatures for internal use and for customer reports
  • Add services and products to work orders as up-sells while on the job and open account balances

We have support resources as well as support technicians available to help you. We also have migration and additional customization options upon request, consultation and review.

Yes, our software is built to give you full control over the level of user permissions. You can customize different sets of profiles for your field staff, sales staff, management, and master administrators.

Any changes to your account should be managed via your Sales Representative.

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